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Funny/WTF moments

Chappie and Ninja don't see someone hiding behind a chest

That was such a hilarious moment at 100K Realm Royale tournament. Morpork hiding behind a chest just in front of Ninja and he just can't see him. Sometimes players are so concentrated on the enemy coming from the outside that they forget maybe one of them is inside the room.

This isn't the first time this happens if you just wonder. It happens on August 1st at $10K invitational realm royale tournament as well. I don't think Ninja nor Chappie are following those plays. Watching previous games is not less important than practicing the game, because it allows you to learn other player's tactics.

When you watch it it's just insane. I think both Cloud 9's Chappie and his teammate Ninja was so focused on getting Hey2Gr that they completely lost focus here.

then Chappie enters the room, look exactly where the chest is and it seems for a second that he knows that he is there an is about to shoot him.

I think that maybe it's better that this play was done with Ninja with Ninja in it, now everyone will remember to check behind the chest, always!