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Sniper Rifle - best weapon in the game

The sniper rifle is probably the most iconic weapons in a battle royale game. Most of the battle royale games feature a huge map, with the large one being a few kilometers square in size.

Sniper rifle is one of the most useful weapons

When I play Fortnite or PUBG for example, I always keep a sniper rifle on me. The sniper rifle is a very useful weapon throughout the fight, but players found it more useful when fighting in a large circle, where the distance between players it large. It's among the only rifle that can help you eliminate a target locate far away from you.

Making headshots is a satisfying experience

Doing headshots with the sniper is a very satisfying experience and not less when watching a player being able to pull off a very long-range headshot. The longer the shot, the more satisfying it is, however, some players enjoy executing some snipe tricks, for example, making a 360 turn in the air and then making a shot. It's even more satisfying making a snipe with no scope than with aiming down the sight. Whatever ways you enjoy shooting with the sniper rifle, no one will disagree about its usefulness in battle royale games.

Some of the popular rifles are Fortnite's Bolt-action sniper rifle and the hunting rifle, PUBG's AWM and KAR98K, the Assassin's sniper rifle in Realm Royale and others.

Sniping requires skill

In some games the sniper rifle requires skill to operate as with some snipers, you are required to consider the bullet trajectory falloff. For example, in Fortnite, when trying to take down an enemy very far from you, you need to aim above the head so the bullet will eventually hit the head for maximum damage and hopefully get a kill. Some more experienced players, also use the sniper in close range, but it's mostly done with snipers without a magnification, so it's easier to aim with it in close range.

I personally enjoy seeing Ninja, DrLupo, Dr. Disrespect, Shroud, Dakotaz and other streamers having fun with the sniper rifles and making amazing kills with it. I don't know what is the longest sniper shot even achieved in Fortnite, PUBG or other battle royale games, but I've seen some players eliminating players 1000 meters away from them. Still, I can enjoy seeing a great a headshot every time I see it, it's just so satisfying to watch and gratifying when you are able to pull that off yourself.

I think the most amazing sniper shot that I've seen which was combined with a 360 no-scope into a screenshot (I categorized it under the trickshot category because of that) is Faze Cizzorz' but they are many more that are really impressive.