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Amazing plays

Concussion grenade and barricade helped secure the hill

In this video, we can see SK Alternit and moepork pushing uphill together with clear elevation disadvantage compared to Kevaflazh and Huster. Moepork goes invisible and pushes from the right. SK Alternit players as an engineer class and opens up his shield to prevent any further damage. He was very low, around 420 HP. He decided to push forward as Kevaflazh hides behind the tree and doesn't have a good angle on him. Moepork surprise Kevaflazh with a concussion grenade and they were able to finish him in the air. Alternit actually chickened one player and at the end, they were able to secure the hill, but it was a close fight.

In Realm Royale you have to take advantage of your class abilities as much as possible as it can really help you out in a certain situation.

This video clip was taken at 100K Realm Royale tournament that took place on August 3rd, 2018. There were really great plays that Match and this was one of them.