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Amazing plays

Tactical barricade placement helped secure two kills

IHODSHIFT and SSLCK vs Omega and iRaffer in Keemstar's $100,000 Thursday Realm Royale tournament Match 2. A great play by IHOLDSHIFT who plays as an engineer class and uses his barricade ability (Deploy a shield that blocks enemy shots) and able to engage with SSLCK to finish Omega and iRaffer who were inside a room. I think the best place for Omega and his teammate was just to use a smoke grenade and chance location.

However, they have decided to stay in place and the shield was enough to get those shot in before the shield is destroyed and finish both players who were fortified in. I don't know if they knew who they were facing against, I mean, which classes. If they knew that they have an engineer there, they would probably have played it differently I think.

It was a beautiful tactical play that makes use of the class abilities to outplay your enemies, GG!