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Amazing plays

Ninja chickens Shroud with Chappie as backup

Play from Keemstar's $100,000 Thursday Realm Royale tournament. Shroud get rekt by Ninja and C9 Chappie. That was actually a mistake by Shroud who split from his teammate knowing that they were other players nearby. He was sure he heard them and circled the area trying to find them. But again, it was "they" not one player.

He then meets Ninja playing an Engineer who opens a shield and with support from Chappie which is behind him, they were able to take Shroud fast before he was able to chicken Ninja.

In Realm Royale, especially in a tournament, it's super crucial to stay together. If you play alone here you have very little chance of winning. I've seen many players splitting up and losing because of this. If you stay alone in this game and you lose your partner, the chances of winning are super low.

In this Match 2 of Keemstar's $100,000 Thursday Realm Royal, both Ninja and Chappie stayed together but Chappie died in one of the engagement, forcing Ninja to bail out.