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Funny/WTF moments

Bush on the side of the road?

Ninja eliminates the last enemy by detecting a suspicious bush that shouldn't actually be there. As you can see in this Fortnite Battle Royale clip, Ninja sees that there is a bush on the road. Now, bushes don't grow on roads, unless we are in a parallel world where this is natural. This is probably the worst spot this guy could have chosen to sit with his bush and observe its surroundings.

To be honest, many players do fall for this little trick, I also felt for it a few times and got shot by a guy using the bush camouflage.

Ninja sees that this bush is certainly out of place and knows that the last guy is in there. He builds a ramp, aim with his sniper and finishes this game for a sweet victory royale win. "Bushes on the side of the road?" Ninja says, indeed Ninja, that guy was a really bad busher, well, lessoned learned guys, the next time you use that bush, be smart with it and you might be able to full your opponents with it.

I personally think that Epic Games should add a new type of camouflage to Fortnite, something that will make things more interesting and less obvious.