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Amazing plays

Ninja blocks himself and enemy in the storm for a no-kill win

In this Fortnite clip, you can see Ninja making a smart play by blocking himself and another player to prevent him from getting into the circle and dying from the storm. Now wait, why would Ninja do that, he would die from the storm as well? Simple, his teammates are inside the circle, so all he needed to do is to just make sure that person dies from the storm. Ninja was knocked down, but it doesn't matter, because his team won, which means he won.

Ninja loves generating cool win scenarios and this is yet another epic victory royale, one of many others. Inf Fortnite Battle Royale we usually see people trapping people using builds and put traps to eliminate them, but this one was certainly an original play.

I've seen a clip where Ninja blocks someone inside the storm already, but this one was special because, in this clip, Ninja knew that the only way to get this done is to block both him and the enemy from entering the circle. He, therefore, sacrifices himself for this win. In Battle Royale, and Fortnite BR specifically, it doesn't matter if you die, as long as your team wins, you get a win as well.

So it's funny to see Ninja celebrating while he was knocked out, but the reason for that is now obvious. Great play, great sacrifice, great win!