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How to avoid getting shot in CQC?

In this video, you can see Ninja avoiding every single hit by quickly moving from side to side, crouching, and standing. This play happens in Fortnite Battle Royale at the start of the game where he doesn't have any shield nor pistols in his inventory.

This might seems like a very trivial and not important play, but it hides some very significant moves that can allow you to survive in the very early game when just landing and looting.

When Ninja gets out of the room, the first thing he does is jumping in the air. Sometimes people can hear you and wait with a shotgun to finish you when you get out. So he jumped the moment he gets out.

The second thing is the most important one that I wanted to talk about in this little guide. Ninja detects a player and executes a sequence of moves which include moving right to left quickly and crouching and standing quickly. So why Ninja did this? Well, to avoid getting shot or at least reduce the chance of bullets hitting him. This is very crucial when you deal with a guy who has found a shotgun. Without any shield, you can be eliminated easily with just one shot in the head with the shotgun, no matter which rarity it is.

That actual fight takes a like 3 seconds, but in that time Ninja was able to quickly change his position and look at the health, Ninja didn't get hit even once.

This is obviously useful not just in the early game but in any close range engagement. Ninja could have jumped, but jumping is not smart, because that move is very predictable and the guy with the shotgun could easily aim at that vertical and put a shot. It will hit you either in the head or in the body. The whole idea behind that movement is to reduce the chance of getting hit as much as possible. When Ninja crouches and stands up, he significantly reduces the chance of getting tagged in the head.

Furthermore, by using the church-stand movement, he can quickly combine it with left-right movement, further reducing the chance of getting hit.

So there you have it, a really smart play that can easily be ignored, but one that can save you from getting eliminated, especially in the very early stages of the game where you have no shield and probably a shitty weapon.

Another thing. At this point, you either have no option to build or no materials to build anything. Even then, you better secure that first kill, because the other Fortnite player might have some good weapons, shield, health kits or materials that can help you out at the beginning of the game. This is why it's better to try to secure that kill than running away.