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Funny/WTF moments

WTF this Straug AR weapon is so overpowered

This Straug AR rifle is overpowered AF. In this Fractured Lands video clip, you can see JoshOG melting a car with his Straug AR auto rifle. This weapon is amazing against moving cars because it has relatively very low recoil considering its fire rate and it deals lots of damage. It's even more deadly against players in close-mid range and this is why I think this Straug AR rifle is so OP.

I'm sure that guy went like WTF, but to be honest, he made a mistake staying inside the car when it was already disabled and was about to explode and that player was just a sitting duck waiting or be eliminated. This is, in fact, the best time to use the car for cover and try to locate where the fire is coming from. I've seen people do it in PUBG many times and there are no reasons not to use cars as cover in this game as well. PUBG has also many cars, although, in this game, the cars can be modified, you can even put a gun mount on the car and shoot while you drive, insane!

I personally prefer having some weapons that are deadly against cars and ones that are deadly against players. Having a gun that can do both is just not right. I think that they should maybe increase the health of the car at least so it will require a more powerful weapon to be able to take a car down.

I'm pretty sure that the will balance things out before the game is officially released and it's not uncommon seeing OP weapons in beta stages of games.