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Motorcycle run over attempt prevented using Straug AR

A guy on a bike in Fractured Lands try to run over JoshOGwith his Mad Max style bike but Josh quickly eliminates him with this Straug AR auto rifle. This auto rifle is an of a blue rarity but damns it shoots extremely fast and it's quite accurate for mid-range distances. It already has four attachments.

In Fractured Lands, it is very common that player will try to run you over with their vehicles. The thing is that in Fractured Lands you can't shoot while riding a motorcycle which is quite unfortunate. You need to get down from the motorcycle and then try to shoot another vehicle, which exactly what JoshOG did here.

That guy wanted to run him over, but Josh had the perfect gun to take that guy super fast before he was able to get close. I really like that Straug AR auto rifle, it looks great, shoot great and also sound great. This is one of the reasons I enjoy watching Fractured Lands, there are so many "exotic" weapons and the developer allowed himself to go crazy with cool weapons. I don't have a PC that can run this game, I wish I had, but at least I enjoy watching other people play it and it's an enjoyable game to watch.