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Sniper shots

Long range sniper kill in bad visibility

JoshOG amazing snipe with Dragun Breath SR sniper rifle in Fractured Lands. He saw that player but with that awful visibility and that distance, you don't really expect to nail it on the first snipe, but when you get a chance in a battle royale game to eliminate a player you take that chance.

Every opportunity to eliminate an enemy means one less guy to deal with later on the game and the closer you get to victory.

Unfortunately, there was no way to see the distance of the sniper kill. In Fortnite when you snipe someone and kill him, you have the option to see the distance of the player from your location. The game is in early access or closed beta if I am not wrong, so I do hope that they will add this features when this game is released. This is a must because people enjoy seeing that information when they are able to secure a long-distance sniper kill.

Another reason why I liked that snipe is that it was in a situation were only 3 players remained, so it got Josh even closer to a win. Unfortunately, Josh died in the last 2 player standing and didn't win the match. Oh we, maybe next time.