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Funny/WTF moments

Can't drive without back tires

Poor JoshOG, trying to drive a car in Fractured Lands but have bo back tires. It's actually a really cool stuff being able to take out the tires of a car. This forces JoshOG to eventually ditch his current car and find another one.

Cars in Fractured Lands can be modified and upgraded which is part of what makes this game Fractured Lands unique.

As you can see, you can drive the car without back tires. He found a way to move straight by driving backward on a road slope but the problem is that the car just couldn't make it up on the high slope, this is why he just left the car behind and walk by foot.

Walking by foot in Fractures Lands is dangerous, and there are lots of open spaces where you can get shot. The thing is that the visibility is quite bad, with lots of dust and smoke in the air so it's hard to detect players even if they are in the wide open space.

**LOL, when submitting this video, Google ReCaptcha gave me pictures of cars, karma is with me, my friends.