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Funny/WTF moments

Fortnite synchronized snipes killing two players in bushes

After seeing the synchronized trolling elimination, I thought it can't get better than this for today but then I came across this play, where dakotaz and yelo synch their shots and eliminates two last enemy standing players hiding inside bushes.

So the same Fortnite Battle Royale players who made that sync trolling shotgun elimination in that other clip are here again yielding another amazing play.

All this happens for a battle royale win, which makes it even more satisfying to watch.

Yelo and dakotaz where among the four players left in the match in the Fortnite BR duo mode. They were searching those two other guys in a relatively small storm circle. Yelo suddenly detects those two players, both hiding inside legendary bushes items so this is why it was so hard to detect them.

Yelo signals to dakotaz not to look at them, because he wanted both him and dakotaz (Dark) to eliminate them together with sniper rifles at the exact same time.

This is exactly what they did. Dakotaz playing like he doesn't see them and build a ramp towards another location, just to confuse them. Keep in mind that those two enemies see both dakotaz and yelo all the time, so they are just acting so those two guys won't see that they have spotted them. Then in a second, when the signal is given, both dakotaz and Yelo aim their sniper rifle at the head of the players and release a synchronized shot at the same time, eliminating both players and win the match.