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Funny/WTF moments

Fortnite perfect synchronized trolling eliminations

A rare moment in Fortnite BR where dakotaz and Yelo found themselves behind to other Fortnite players who had no idea that two other players are trolling them a few meters away. Those two players were in the middle of a fight against another team who built up. So in fact, those players were in a sandwich between dakotaz and his teammate and that other team.

The funny moment was in this Fortnite battle royale video clip is that dakotaz coordinated with his teammate to eliminate those two players at exactly the same time. Both used a heavy shotgun, the same weapon to get that job done. Each player aim to the other player's head. Dakotaz aimed to the right player and Yelo aimed to the second. Then dakotaz gives the signal "Go!" and both release a shot at the same time - the results: both enemies are killed.

I cannot imagine how they felt when they so that they were just killed at the same time, let alone from a team that was right near them 5 meters away.

One of the best Fortnite funny moments that I've seen for quite some time. Some players enjoy trolling other players from time to time, but come on, if you were in the same situation, what would you have done?

That was such an awesome moment and I personally just can't have enough of these type of plays. For those experienced Fortnite Battle Royale players, these are the moments where they just fool around and having a good time. It's like going to a bar with friends, but in Fortnite, there are no bars, and when you play so many hours, you want to take a break, so this is a way to release some steam and just have pure fun with your buddies.