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Sniper shots

Best weapon in the game?

Greekgodx with a perfect snipe on a dude far from him. This amazing shot if from the game Fractured Lands. Toe be honest, I have no idea what weapon it was, and there is no weapon database for Fractured Lands that I found that has information about that weapon. It looks like an auto rifle but fires single shots like a sniper rifle. It seems that there is no bullet drop, so it seems like a very OP weapon, I mean one shot and that guy dropped.

I'm pretty sure that in a testing phase, that game will have some weapons that are very unbalanced. Even if a games go out, weapon balancing occur throughout and not just during development. I'm sure that people who were eliminated with this gun will want it to be nerfed. I, as a viewer, don't really mind, I just enjoy seeing awesome shots on Twitch.

It's the most accurate and powerful weapon that I've seen in Fractured Lands, other than the car weapon of course. It's definitely overpowered and I'm sure its recoil, bullet drop, and accuracy will be changed before the game is officially released.