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Funny/WTF moments

Lirik accepts an invitation for a club melee fight

Funny moment in Fractured Lands. Lirik went out of a room, shooting a guy in a car. He put a few hits and that player suddenly goes out of the car with a club in his hand. Lirik could easily kill him with his weapon, but instead, he takes out his club and gives that guy a chance to survive. The guy gets close and eliminated on the spot.

This why I love watching Lirik streams, he never misses an opportunity for having fun and doesn't take any game too seriously. This is also the first time I see some Fractured Lands gameplay and right now I really like what I see, maybe accept the physics with seems quite jerky.

What I like about this game is the unique customized weapons, everything just looks different than the "standard" battle royale games so it great to shoot really new cool weapons. Even that club looks cool and seems like it's very satisfying to get a kill with it.