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OMEGALUL Ninja takes the trap bait

Ninja never saw this coming. He moves on to a platform with some loot on it, get eliminated by a trap that was put there in the opposite direction. Ninja didn't see this coming. I mean, what are the chances that someone will put such a bait in the middle of the street just to get a random player that just passed through this place?

That is exactly the beauty of that play. A bait that is executed in a way that the other player will have no idea what he or she goes into.

This reminds me of that Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay where Loeya got baited and eliminated by a trap (look at her reaction). I think that Fortnite Battle Royale figure out that it's hard to win a match and the only way to survive longer is to be creative and find ways to eliminate players without getting into a fight.

Just imagine how many players want to achieve that victory but just don't have the shooting skills to do so. However, they using traps doesn't require you to have a skill, but you do need to make a smart bait to secure a trap kill because if not, you achieve nothing by doing so.

Of course like other tactics, players adapt really quickly and won't repeat those mistakes and be more cautious the next time they move into a certain build that might suggest a trap bait.

Having said that, with millions of people playing this game, you can always find players that either never fall into this type of bait and those who died from it but never learn. Still, it's very satisfying.

The other funny thing is that it was like Instant Karma because Ninja was able to secure a victory royale kill a game earlier using a trap kill. So he was treated back with its own medicine.

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