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Funny/WTF moments

Dakotaz "Fly Explosives" duo jetpack air battle

Dakotaz having fun in the new Fly Explosives limited time mode, a High Explosives LTM flying up in the sky using jetpacks and fighting against another player both equipped with rocket launchers.

This was such a funny moment, reminds me of playing Overwatch with two Pharah fighting against each other.

This is such an insane update (v5.10) where everyone goes kaboom. The Fly Explosive update was introduced to Battle Royale to allow a player to have some explosive fun. I love explosives, but many people do not. Just yesterday Dr Disrespect was complaining about rocket launcher in Fortnite and said: "Nobody loves rocket launchers". So this Fly Explosives is a separated limited time game mode, although I am sure that many people will want that mode to stay forever.

Keep in mind that only explosive weapons can be found in this new "Fly Explosives" mode, so get ready to get exploded fast.

I'm sure Epic Games brought this amazing jetpacks because of it really great to see streamers having fun with it and it entertains the viewers. I mean, just look at this funny aerial jetpack-slash-rocket launcher duo battle, it's amazing and so entertaining to watch.

In the end, dakotaz won the fight by blasting a rocket launcher into a vehicle and had that player eliminated, it was so much fun to watch this.