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Ninja trap kill from a trap he left behind

A quite rare moment in Fortnite battle royale where Ninja was able to secure a trap kill from a trap he left behind. I've already seen tons of interesting and fun trap kills in Fortnite but this one was really special and quite rare to see.

Ninja knew that guy was hanging around over there and he decided to put a trap and just leave. About 40 seconds later he sees that that trap that he put in that hut actually killed that player.

This is a very rare moment in Fortnite battle royale. You rarely see this happens. People do leave traps behind but usually, those are easily spotted by other player and destroyed or that play happens when you are in the middle of a fight. In this one, however, Ninja was no near that place and he was already moving towards the next circle and left that trap to do its job for him.

Some Fortnite players might won't do this because it might be a waste of a trap that can be useful in building battles later in the game.

As you can see, Ninja already feels that he is going to get this kill and draws Fortnite's birthday spray on the wall, probably to sync that spray animation when the guy is eliminated, just to show him: "Hey, I saw this one from a mile away.", well, something similar to that.

Although Ninja did move on, that elimination happened a few seconds after he used that spray.

I think Epic Games should add more of those items that people can leave behind and cause people to lose health. I thought about maybe landmines can be a really great item. Something that a player might see if he looks carefully, but ones that can easily be overlooked. A play walks on that trap and blows up into the air for like 80 damage, this can be so cool. Maybe a stun landmine or something similar.

Reall cool play by Ninja. Don't forget to upvote if you like it.