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Ninja heavy shotgun mid-air win shot

Ninja eliminating the last player with the Legendary Heavy Shotgun weapon while in mid-air for a picturesque slo-mo victory royale win. That last player eliminated DrLupo but Ninja wasn't planning of giving that VR win without giving a fight.

As we know Ninja, he doesn't like "casual" wins, he wants them to be epic and he took 2 seconds to think about a move. Then he starts building up in order to surprise that player from the other side.

If you look at the minimap, you can see that both players were at the edges of the storm. Ninja knew that player won't be able to hide as the storm moves towards the next circle. He knew that this engagement will end right there and right now.

Ninja jumps over the roof to the side where DrLupo was eliminated. At that point, he can't see where that guy is, but it's obvious that he is just below it.

Then Ninka makes his "Ninja" move. He equips him he equips his heavy shoty, jumps into the air, quickly locates that other player and release a single shot that eliminated him!

I have to admit that I kind of got used to seeing Ninja making that epic finish. You probably remember this Ninja's epic shotgun elimination. I think this was one of its most famous victory royale wins. It's better than this one, but this one still looked really amazing in my opinion.

Just a few words about the Heavy Shotgun. The weapon Ninja used here is the Heavy Shotgun (Legend Rarity). Here are some of that weapon's stats: 185 headshot damage, 74 to the body. Reload time 5.9 seconds, 3072 range, 7 magazine size, and 0.15 base spread *based on stats), So basically if a Fortnite BR player has a little bit shield off, one headshot and that player is done.