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Funny/WTF moments

3rd player easy win, Tfue fall damage elimination

Tfue in build battle against one player only for both to be eliminated by a 3rd player enjoying the both fighting against each other. This play took place on July 30th. Tfue was doing well as always in a solo Fortnite Battle Royale match.

Tfue notices a guy on the other side of the lake and decided to take him down, after all, there were only two players left and that victory royale felt closer than ever.

Tfue took the high ground with smart building techniques, forcing the other player to stay below him. However, Tfue didn't expect to lose this game the way he did.

The fact is that the 3rd player, El-Charly-96 was watching both of them fighting on the island. We couldn't see him shooting in his cam but from what I can tell he was the one who shot those the walls and leads to both Tfue and the other guy that Tfue was fighting against two fall off to their death.

El-Charly-96 was the last one laughing with that what looks like an easy win. If he had to fight Tfue face-to-face is was a completely different story I have to tell you and he probably would have lost.

Sometimes it's better to just let to other players fight at the end game and watch what's happening and then decide when to intervene. This way, you don't need to risk of losing a victory royale that is so close to being achieved.

Sometimes you just need to be smart and let other people damage each other and then use the surprise advantage to finish one or both players off.

I was a bit frustrated when that happened. Tfue wasn't able to build anything to help him prevent that fall damage.