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Sniper shots

Ninja slick headshot snipe with the hunting rifle

I enjoy seeing snipes with the hunting rifle more than the regular sniper rifle to best honest. The ability to see how that headshot hitting a target from a distance is so satisfying to watch. In this clip, Ninja gets an amazing snipe with the Blue rarity hunting rifle in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Although these long-shot snipes are amazing, this particular shot just knocked the other player down. This means that his teammate (Ninja played duos this time), can revive his teammate before you are able to reach him. If that other player had no shield, he would probably be eliminated already.

I think that hunting rifle is an amazing weapon for mid-range because even if you just get a knockdown, you can continue pushing and eliminate that guy. Furthermore, you don't have a 12x lone scope (or whatever the magnification is) like the sniper rifle, so it's more suitable for close range headshots and no scopes of course, which Ninja really enjoy doing.