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Amazing plays

Shroud amazing situational awareness and reaction time

Shroud playing PUBG showing amazing situational awareness and super fast reaction time. This is a skill of an experienced ex-professional Counter Strike GO (I think it's ex), player. Any other player in PUBG would probably have been eliminated a long time ago.

Shroud is getting shot while he is shooting a guy in front of him. Hr already scanned the right side so he knows that a chance from that player who's shooting him being there is low, he understands that the threat probably comes from behind.

Shroud stays in place, doesn't panic, quickly locate the target and eliminate it. If he spent time jumping or making an unnecessary move, he probably would have been eliminated by now. This is actually what most players do, the spend time moving. It won't help you stay alive when the other player is using an automatic weapon. This is why he spends every millisecond in locating the target, then put his accurate shooting skills to eliminate the target super fast.

This is an insane play. It's nothing for Shroud because he is trained for these type of surprise attacks, but it's definitely impressive to see it as a viewer and as a regular player. If I was in that situation in PUBG, I would probably be dead and won't be able to find that target in time.

I really enjoy seeing how focus he is when he is in danger. I've seen so many players get panicked and rotate like crazy, lose any sense of awareness and just get blackout and confused. This is the difference between a professional player and a regular player. This is the things that you only get from many years of experience playing first-person shooters and when competing in a tournament against the best players in the world.

Look carefully at the clip. You can see that the moment he locates the target when he is not aiming, his next aim is 100% on that guy's head. Just replay that part of the video when he is not aiming until his first aim. This why I say that any millisecond count here. He doesn't waste any time, every move of his mouse is perfectly calculated, there is no waste of pixel movement, he is 100% perfect on the target by the pixel resolution, amazing!