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How to avoid getting shot in Fortnite BR?

Loeya plays 50vs50 Fortnite Battle Royale. In this video clip, she takes an amazing snipe and knocking a player down while that player was jumping vertically. Loeya is amazing with the sniper rifle and aligned with some of the best Fotnite snipers.

With a sniper rifle, it's all about "feeling" that bullet drop and assessing the movement of the target (if it's mobile) and being able to consider the trajectory pathing and falloff with the target's pathing.

This is why when you want to avoid getting hit by a sniper, you should move in an unpredictable way to make it harder for your opponent to be able to hit you. Any repeated movement pattern will just make it easier for the sniper to read that movement pattern and adapt to it.

That type of up-down jumping is very common. It usually happens when a player encounters another player in close range, both usually jump to make it harder for the other player to hit them with the shotgun. So that jumping movement is something that you know how to read and adapt to when aiming and shooting other players.

Taking a player like Loeya did in this clip is all about practice and experience. I wish Fortnite had a testing ground with AI moving targets where you can actually practice shooting with different weapons against different targets. This will allow you to learn different types of common movements and practice, so the next time you come into Fortnite you are familiar with some movement patterns and be able to make accurate movement predictions and of course put some accurate shots in.

As a player who is getting shot, the most important thing is again, be unpredictable. If you run in zigzag, you can still get knocked out if you continue repeating the same zigzag pattern. The person who is tagging you can easily predict that movement and adapt his gun movement with that movement pattern. However, even if you stop for a second and run straight for 2 seconds and then change to a zigzag move, this will make it harder for your opponent to hit you because that movement was breaking that predictable movement pattern.

Of course in Fortnite you can just build, but even then, sometimes a skilled sniper can take you out while you are building away. So even if you build, it's important not to be predictable in that as well. For example, put a wall and run ahead and the next time build while moving diagonally, but don't repeat that process the same so it won't be predictable.

I think that the sniper rifle is a good weapon that not just teaches you to time your shot right, but also allows you to understand how to avoid getting shot because you already "feel" that other sniper aiming at you, and you know how he or she snipes.

I've seen many Fortnite BR players that even that they have a great opportunity to snipe, they don't when they see that the other layer is even slightly moving. The main reason for this is that if you do release a shot, you are giving away your position and as a sniper, you want that target to be still as possible to ensure an elimination.

Now as a target, when you play Fortnite, make sure you are ALWAYS ON THE MOVE. If you stand still, crouch and stand up or move left or right with small movements. You probably see many professional Fortnite players do this, and the reason is that by doing so, you are reducing the chance of getting a headshot. If you are standing still, you become a very easy target for a sniper.

This is super important for any Fortnite player who wants to survive until the very end. Yes, in Fortnite you can't rest unless you are completely boxed and even then, you should always watch your six, you never know where's the next attack will come from.