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Get easy kills by engaging in third-party fights

This Fortnite Battle Royale video shows how frustrating it is being eliminated by a third squad during a battle against another team. In this gameplay video, you see Gal Yokes being eliminated by Supremacy which also eliminated Harmii and Citydriver which were trying to find Gal Yokes in a building fight.

This what happens when a third team are close by and are intervening in a fight between two other teams.

This happens a lot in Fortnite, especially as the circle gets smaller and smaller. Other teams looking for opportunities to get easy kills by getting into an active fight. This is a big advantage because when getting into another fight, you are not targeted and you are able to actually eliminate both of those teams that are fighting without even getting damaged, let alone losing a teammate.

However, this can work badly if you are not approaching the fight in the right time and the right position. In Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 3 format, players want to secure as many kills as possible for points. So you actually don't want to wait and just let one team finish the second team and then get into the fight. You want to get into that fight while the other teams are focused on killing each other. This is a great opportunity to find some low health players on the other teams and finish that surprise attack as fast as possible.

Harmii did very good in that Match and it was unfortunate for him and his teammate stumble upon a third party.

Now it's important to make sure that before engaging in a fight, to make sure you understand the threats around that zone of engagement.

For example, if you see a team on top of the hill, you don't engage with another team below that hill, because you are just risking getting shot by that third party that has a clear view of your location and can see the engagement from a clear high ground location.

That engagement happened in Wailing Woods if I am not mistaken. This is a large area with a dense array of trees which makes it hard for other teams to see what's going on. So it's usually a safe place to fight and not worry about a third party attacking you.

The reason another team came in is that team was rotating around the outskirts as the storm circle closes in. This is a play strategy that many players use and it's just that those two teams were in the exact place where that rotating team was. You can check out this PUBG gameplay video and you can see the same strategic play were players are scouting the outskirts to make sure they are not shot from the back and have a clear view of other players in front of them.

Playing at the edge of the storm is quite risky because you are forced to move when the circle closes in, and sometimes it happens not in the time where you are ready or want to make a move forward. In fact, some Fortnite players prefer to ambush rotators and either block them in the storm or just wait for them to get out of their fortified structure and shoot them down or put pressure on damaging the structure and kill them as they try to push forward.