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Controlling the outskirts in a high ground closing circle

When you have a high ground in PUBG, with a small circle closing in, always try to maintain a high ground as long as possible In this Twitch clip from TSM_Viss, we can see Viss staying close to the circle's outskirts to make sure no other rotators comes behind him when he continues pushing in towards an even smaller circle.

This has several reasons. First of all, he isn't the only player who prefer rotating at the outskirts, especially where you have a height advantage. There is in no hurry on moving on and indeed he was able to pick up two rotators and know that there are no other players behind him when he moves further in.

The second reason that you always want to secure a high ground in a small circle is to have a good vantage point and a wider field of view. This allows you to spot other players and make use of your long-range sniper rifle or DRM to take other players from far away.

The third reason is to be the one who decided when to engage. Let's me explain (**Dr Lupo LOL**). When you are three people left, it's always better to not be the in an engagement with another player, because a third player that watches the engagement can surprise you and eliminate you while you are fighting that other player.

TSM Viss is a very intelligent player, I watch his streams for a long time and makes very calculated tactical plays. You can learn a lot from watching his streams, not something I can say about any experienced PUBG player to be honest (this is his Twitch channel, make sure you follow him).

In this PUBG video clip, you can see that he doesn't face the downslope, but getting inside the hut and get a wide angle so he can spot players coming inside the circle. You can see that there are players waiting for the last second and just "ride" the circle hoping to catch players that leave earlier, but Viss is no noob and expected that move.

From that point on it's all about good positioning and scanning those wide angles to try to locate players that are either at the same line where you are, so you stay safe and have less chance of someone spotting you or taking you out from a surprising angle.

Of course, all that applies when you actually have a high ground and the circle closes into where you are located. If you get into that type of situation, you can use capitalize on those practices and secure some relatively easy kills.