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Funny/WTF moments

GOLD's Chelator sneaks like a snake behind WTSC Larsen

A hilarious moment where Gen.G Gold Chelator sneaking inside the circle from the outskirts like a snake with Welcome To South Georgo (WTSG) plays Larsen is about 20 meters from him behind a tree.

The funny thing is that Chelator can't see Larsen, because if he would, that is 100% certain kill. Furthermore, Larsen has no idea that one of GOLD's team is sneaking behind him. More amazing is that play didn't yield any kills.

A few seconds later, Larsen moves away and even when looking back for a split of a second, he doesn't spot Chelator. In a moment it might look that Chelator sees Larsen, but when looking in Chelator's first-person perspective, you can see that he couldn't see that Larsen was there.

Chelator was alone and had no other way but to hide and make sure he is not spotted. With three Navi players on his left very close and WTSG team on his right, the only thing he needed to do is try to stay alive. He had to move in into the circle to not suffer damage which he did. Later on, he was eliminated as OMG where just shredding everyone in their sight and eventually won the 4 match with 24 kills, which is by far the most kills I've seen in a major PUBG tournament.

In that type of situation where you are a sole survivor and all of your teammates (Loki, SimSn, EscA) are dead, the only thing is to try to get more kills for your team which will award them more points. Getting a win is very hard at this point because you have to survive until the end and maybe get a chance to fight against the last standing team. In a good case scenario this can be 1-vs-1, but in the worst case, it can be an entire team.

Gen.G Gold one the TPP by the way, but in FPP it was OMG that top the leaderboard with 2735 points and a total of 55 kills. That battle isn't over, it's day one, and in the second day, we can see if any other team is able to close that huge score gap that OMG built for itself in the first day of PUBG's FPP PGI 2018.