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Sniper shots

PureBoy great Mini 14 DRM early game elimination

Crest Gaming Xanadu's (Japan) PureBoy from secured an amazing first kill in PUBG's PGI 2018 FPP with super accurate tags using the Mini 14 designated marksman rifle (DMR). He has 30 bullets in total and was able to spend 7 of them to good use.

In that amazing PUBG super accurate snipes and takes down Refund Gaming's (China) DjChip. That definitely feelsbadman, I mean, getting eliminated in such an early stage and let alone where the threat was so far away from you and you actually felt safe at that place. Of course, those things happen and a lot. In an early game where the circle is very large, DMR and sniper rifles are very popular. If you found one, you better make use of it whenever you get a chance.

That play happened at PGI 2018 Day 4 FPP Round 4. If you look at the map, at the top part, you can see CGX PureBoypositioned between Refund Gaming's two players, DJChip and Pino but they are in a very long distance between each other. Other Refund's players are at the north of the map, quite far from where DjChip and couldn't help him.

A beautiful sequence of shot that shows great marksman skills in PUBG.