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Epic fails

Failed ambush vs 4 OMG players (PGI 2018)

EscA from Gen.G Gold ambushes OMG, waits for them to group up to capitalize on that surprise attack and eliminate as many players as possible but eventually detected and eliminated before being able to deal any damage.

That play takes place at PUBG Global Invitational 2018 FPP in Berlin, Germany, the most important PUBG tournament in the world where teams from all around the world fight to become the best in each category (FPP and TPP).

Gen.G Gold (A South Korean team) already won the TPP category. Here we can see EscA being all alone in a very complicated situation. He is lying down in the grass with his M416 aimed towards xiaohaixxx from team OMG who have no idea that a few meters from him lies an opponent player that can eliminate him at any moment.

So why EscA doesn't shoot xiaohaixxx when he had such a great opportunity to do so?

The reason is that there were two other OMG players close by but they were out of range. If he would have taken down xiaohaixxx, his teammates would storm him and probably eliminate him on the spot. He just can't eliminate them all unless he has the surprise advantage and can quickly shoot all of them in a matter of a few seconds before being detected.

It feels very frustrating watching such a patience play in such an intense battleground but for EscA, he just didn't have a better option. He could just get the score for that single kill but he wanted more, he wanted to try to eliminate the entire team and indeed that was a great opportunity to do so.

Things go wrong the moment xiaohaixxx goes back and detects EscA lying on the ground and then he is quickly eliminated.

I'm sure that was a very intense moment for him, but finishing 4 other players alone is a very hard play. Maybe in his mind, he wanted to just eliminate as many players as possible before he is eliminated but whatever the plan was, it eventually leads to an epic fail. It could have been the play of PGI 2018 to be honest if he was able to make it work, but these are no newbies, but PUG progamers.

It's important to note that this PUBG match was part of FPP, which means that it was played in the first-person perspective. In TPP, which plays in third-person perspective, it's easier to detect players in that type of position. In FPP you need to have that line of sight over the player to detect him.