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MiTH SviTT steals a roadkill from 4AM (PGI 2018)

In PUBG cars play a significant role. You use them to quickly rotate to the next circle but also get some sneaky roadkills with it if possible. I remember enjoying some road kills when I played Battlefield and I do enjoy them when I play PUBG as we.

This video was clipped from the PUBG Global Invitational (PGI) 2018 tournament Day 4 FPP Round 2. This tournament is a World Cup equivalent, the most important PUBG tournament.

We can see SviTT from Made in Thailand (MiTH) team stealing a roadkill by eliminating GodV player from 4AM team. You can see that he does that while being surrounded by two other 4AM players. 4AM was in a bad situation with Exko from Team Gates (TG) team shooting them from a high ground location.

SviTT was able to capitalize on the situation as he drives to regroup with his team.

In PUBG you have many of these types of opportunities to get roadkills as you move towards the next circle. You can always find some roaming players out in the open which are very vulnerable to these type of attacks.

There are a lot of cars in PUBG and they are also used not just for maneuvering from one place to another but also as a cover in open field engagements.

In PGI 2018 every kill counts and you get points for each kill (15 points if I am not wrong). This means that when you get an option to get a quick kill with your car, you go for it. I am not saying that SviTT should have turned back if he missed that kill, of course not, but if you already see an opponent in the middle of the field and you are driving with your car, you better get that kill on the way.