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Liquid Chap win attack small circle (Summer Skirmish)

I've been watching the late game plays on Myth's stream on Twitch. In that match of Fortnite Summer Skirmish 2018, Team Liquid's Chap won the game. This was a very intensive fight that ended in a very small circle.

Chap from Liquid was on top and his opponent was at the bottom floor. Chap had a rocket launcher ready just in case the floor goes down. When the floor goes down, he got a good chance to see where his opponent his. The only way for the guy at the bottom to win is to wait until the guy at the top comes down. There is a second option, just to shoot the ceiling and force him to come down, maybe that player doesn't have enough materials and this can even give him the advantage of shooting first.

However, things were going well for Chap here. He knew exactly where his opponent was and took use of another great advantage that a guy at the top has, the option to modify the ceiling and surprise the guy at the bottom. He does exactly that. He jumps down and shoots the guy in the back.

I was thinking about what ways the guy at the bottom had. He couldn't shoot a rocket because he would eliminate himself from the explosion. He could make an opening to make the guy at the top drop, but this is too slow and actually give the guy at the top advantage because he is ready to shoot you with a gun. A machine gun would be a perfect weapon here because it can cause massive damage to the ceiling and make the guy drop and then finish him with the rest of the bullets that remain in the magazine. Even that is a risky move, but if you have enough bullets in a fast-firing weapon, you can actually do that.

It was hard for the guy at the bottom to survive and obviously, the best way is to make sure that the next time, you do everything so you won't be at the bottom unless you have a number or health advantage or the right weapons to deal with the situation.

A few words about Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 3. In this format, the first team to gain 13 points over the course of 10 games wins. Team earns points: 4 points for victory royale, 5+ eliminations in a match grants +2 points.