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Epic fails

Laggy match made Myth lose Summer Skirmish match

Fortnite Summer Skirmish first three games suffered from really bad lags. I don't really understand how Epic Games made it come to a place where the servers lag in such an important event. The thing is that it really ruined the match for many players, including Myth. Epic Games actually pulled the plug in the fourth match because of the laggy gameplay.

In this gameplay video, you can see how bad the lag was. Before that, I saw some players just disappearing and appearing out of nowhere. This lag caused Myth to lose the match as he needed to get into the zone fast and quickly detect other players and take them down, but he couldn't do it because of the other players were within the zone and ready for him. They didn't need to move, just aim towards where they knew he is going to come out from.

Well, I assume Myth said to himself: "Not like this, please not like this.". He actually expresses his disappointment with the lag several times, afraid this is going to ruin the game for him. It happens before that in a previous match when he jumped on a building and built towards exiting the closing circle.

It was an epic fail and I do hope that Epic Games will solve this issue because it isn't fair for the players and it ruins the fun of watching the game for those of us who watch the game and want our favorite streamer to win the game and take the Summer Skirmish generous prize.