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Funny/WTF moments

LOL that parachute glitch

I am watching spekzTV streaming on twitch and Fear the Wolves yields so many WTF moments I am just completely shocked. There are still bugs, glitches and players are something just standing like zombies doing nothing LOL.

In this clip, you can see a guy landing with a parachute, well, that player wasn't actually landing but just floating over the terrain, which seems like a funny glitch.

The reason SpekzTV didn't kill him is that it's at the start of the game and he didn't have any weapon just yet.

By the way, Fear the Wolves is a great looking game. He is playing the game in low settings and it looks great. If he put 1080p resolution and high settings it would look amazing. The problem with the game right now is that it's in closed beta and still not well optimized. Players prefer to have the maximum frame rates when playing these type of games. Furthermore, when the game is not optimized, this means that if you even move the setting one step up the game suffers from an extreme drop of frames.

I hope that Fear the Wolves will have many funny moments, but I hope not funny glitches like this. It just makes the game look bad, but again, it's just a closed beta and I'm sure many things will be fixed by the time this game reaches open beta and of course when it's finally released.