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Funny/WTF moments

Radiation and Wolves is a bad combination

In Fear the Wolves you can die from radiation, other people and of course wolves. In this game, you can see spekzTV playing Fear the Wolves. In this play, he had a very bad luck. Wherever he moved he got radiation popping out LOL, Until he moves to another part, he is stuck with both radiation and three wolves coming at him.

I really like the PvE element of Fear the Wolves where you can get damage by NPCs. As you can see, spekzTV died at that point because he wasn't able to deal with those three wolves.

In "standard" battle royale games you only have PvP elements, means you only fight against other players. You can get hit when getting fall damage or hurting yourself with a grenade, but there are no NPCs in the game.

I actually wanted Fortnite to have PvE elements. and maybe after Epic Games sees what Fear The Wolves have done they will bring some PvE elements to Fortnite as well.

This makes the mid-game more interesting and challenging, especially for viewers like me who enjoy watching Battle Royale streaming on Twitch.

You can see that this player didn't even see those wolves are coming, so it's not like you can easily spot them and always eliminate them from far away and they deal lots of damage and move in groups, so you better watch out.