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Funny/WTF moments

Shroud perfect grenade throw but no kill (PGI 2018)

That happened PGI 2018. Shroud threw a grenade on top of a roof where two players where at, one was knocked down. That nade lands perfectly where the two are located, I mean, this is the best grenade throw in the history of PUBG but when that grenade explodes it didn't kill either of the players. They did suffer damage but that grenade was supposed to kill both players especially the one that was already been knocked down.

I have no idea what happened there. That grenade should have killed both players. You can see that after that amazing grenade throw, Shroud actually moved away because he saw that he wasn't able to deal with that situation from that angle.

I'm sure that after shroud himself seen that nade throw he was surprised as well. I am not sure whether this was a glitch or how a grenade damage should work. I did look at the comments of Twitch users and everyone was just so shocked to see that neither of the players died.

If this is indeed a glitch in PUBG it is just a sad moment. Shroud was actually playing very good and these are the type of things that can get you close to winning the game or at least be positioned higher in the ranking at the end of the game.

A very frustrating moment to watch as a fan of PUBG and a big fan of Shroud. I wanted him to get that money for charity, but maybe next time.