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Epic fails

Ninja loses in the worst possible way in PGI 2018 Charity Showdown

Ninja and his team had a great positioning in Round 4 of PGI 2018 Charity Showdown. They have positioned in a bunker three players, having an option to pass some time and let the other players fight. However, there were still many players left as you can see and unfortunately for them the circle forces them to move in an open field. Ninja and one of his teammate had to take a motorcycle and quickly get into the next circle and reposition.

They do is and then the worst happens, Ninja and his teammate Mossy get spotted and eliminated one after the other. Ninja and Mossy say: "Not like that." knowing that they had a good chance but they didn't even have a chance to give a fight and died while driving to a safe location.

Moving around with a car is safer than the motorcycle because it's easy to put body shots in and eliminate you. You are very exposed that way. I don't understand why Mossy didn't zigzag with the motorcycle, I mean, so many players are left and you know when you go out with the motorcycle, the best thing is to just zigzag.

A disappointing moment for Ninja at PGI 2018 because he couldn't be among the top 3 teams to win the money for charity. He said that he will be back by tomorrow and continue the grind.

It's frustrating when you feel that you are close but lose it in a very annoying way. But to be honest, he was playing against the top players in the world, so it wasn't that things would have gotten any easier for them from later.

Well, this is how it is but I respect Ninja for taking part in this amazing and important PUBG event.