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Mossy gives Ninja his first win (PGI 2018 Charity Showdown)

This is Ninja and his team's first win in PUBG PGI 2018 Charity Showdown community event in Berlin, Germany. That was such an intense match and round 3 of 4 total rounds in Charity Showdown.

Ninja was eliminated a few moments earlier, leaving only TG's Mossy left in the group. Two other teams were fighting against each other and after Voxsic and Ben from team F were fighting against Juankorea from team Papa, so in that time he still takes his time.

VLDL's BEn and KNIGHTS' Voxsic the only two players left in the team. However, Voxsic gets knocked down, and this was the time for Mossy to push up before Ben was able to revive Voxsic. The thing is that Mossy had no idea that one guy was down. The good part is that he has decided to indeed push forward and it was worth it. He eliminates Ben after 34:14 minutes into the fight.

So as you can see, sometimes it's better to take your time but it's also important to know when to make the push. He didn't push when he heard that the two teams were fighting, but when he heard that it's quiet, he knew that this is his opportunity to push forward. The other team had no idea where he was, but I think the last guy assumed that the only direction that someone can come from was on their left, but it looks like he wasn't sure.

That was a very satisfying win after a tragic event where Ninja mistakenly kills one of his teammates with a grenade. I was so happy that Ninja finally won one of those intense matches.

It's very hard to win this event because there are professional players playing against those popular streamers. Hopefully, Ninja can win or at least get to the top 3 so he can use that money to donate.