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Epic fails

Ninja kills teammate using explosive grenade instead of using smoke

In this clip, we can see Ninja killing his teammate (teamkill) with a grenade by mistake. He was supposed to throw a smoke grenade but an explosive grenade was thrown instead. In this video, we can see that Ninja actually uses the smoke grenade, dragging it but you can see that it's not a smoke grenade that he is holding when he throws it. Some things it is a glitch.

Ninja actually switches to smoke and then back to explosive grenade. His team watched the replay again and see that Ninja actually switched back to the explosive grenade and therefore the one that he threw eventually wasn't a smoke grenade.

The happens in PGI 2018 Charity Showdown community event in Berlin, Germany.

The good news is at the end of the match Ninja and his team won the match. Ninja was eliminated behind a tree, but one of his teammates Sierra stayed alive and was able to eliminate VLDL's Ben and secure the first win in PGI 2018 for Ninja and his teammates.

That mistake almost caused them to lose the game and if didn't happen, it would probably be easier for them to secure a win, but the most important thing is that they won.