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Amazing plays

Dr Disrespect surprise kill (PGI 2018 Charity Showdown)

In this clip from PGI 2018 Charity Showdown, we can see Dr Disrespect with Balloc from Ghost Gaming. They are in the house and two of the opponent teams around the house. Balloc detected them throws a grenade that eliminates one. He then jumps down to eliminate the other guy but he get shot and taken down.

Dr Disrespect then jumps down and knows where the second player is, he jumps above the fence and eliminates Refund's FunkyM with the M416.

This was a beautiful move and good work with his teammate that gave him the right information to allow him to make that quick surprising move.

I wanted Dr Disrespect to win that match, but when you get Shroud eliminated early on, the chances of surviving this PGI 2018 match against professional players is too hard.

After the match, I've heard Shroud telling Dr Disrespect that he wishes he stayed alive. Dr Disrespect and his team achieved the 3rd place at the second round of PGI Berlin Charity Showdown. Doc was actually in a very good position in the next circle, and he actually had his sniper on one guy but that snipe wasn't accurate and Doc was eliminated a second later.