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Funny/WTF moments

Myth and Hamlinz playing Golf Royale

Fortnite Summer Skirmish can be really intense sometimes. As TSM_Myth and TSM_Hamlinz are waiting to see how things go, they start playing some gold with the new gold emote that Epic Games added to Fortnite recently.

Both Myth and Hamlinz have long their first match in Summer Skirmish and I am now watching them live on Twitch playing their second match. It's a very intense tournament, more than other tournaments that I've seen and it seems everyone is trying to win it. Of course, it's Battle Royale, so with all the 100 players of all 49 duo teams that are competing, only one team will get to prevail at the end.

Fortnite reminds me of all the great funny moments that I had playing Battlefield, It can yield some really cool moments that are so fun to watch.

OK, going back to watch Myth and Hamlinz playing in Fortnite Summer Skirmish. I am a fan so I hope they do well.