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Amazing plays

Shroud quick locate and kill (PGI 2018 Community Event)

This clip was taken at PUBG Global Invitational 2018 Charity Showdown event. Shroud here was after reviving one of his of his teammates in a smoke and then pushed towards the hill when he suddenly gets shot. Shroud didn't see that guy at first because he was lying on the ground and in the grass, it's very hard to see him.

Shroud, of course, is a very experienced FPS player and he quickly scanned the vertical plane of which the shots came from and was able to spot the guy lying on the ground and quickly eliminate him before he kills him.

Shroud had very low health at this point and I thought he was dead at this point because one shot and he would be knocked down. This is where reaction times kick in and make a huge difference between surviving or being eliminated in PUBG or any Battle Royale game in that aspect.

I wanted Shrod to win that 1st round of PGI 2018 Community event (taken place in Berlin, Germany, 27 July 2018). It's very hard to play in this match because of this time streamers needed to deal with professional players that came to PGI2018 to compete in the world cup tournament, PUBG's first world cup tournament.

Players do that this charity event very seriously and every one of those players want to win. Although it's important to mention that many of those players are ex-pro FPS players so they do play PUBG at a very high level. Both Shroud and Dr Disrespect play PUBG on a daily basis.

You can also see Shroud telling hit teammate where that player is, first so he can help, second, if he dies, his teammates know where that opponent is and finish him.

Anyway, really great play by Shroud, a superb fast scan of the battlefield and very quick elimination.