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Sniper shots

Loeya quick headshot snipe from behind cover

Loeya is skilled with every weapon she picks. Here she executes a beautiful quick snipe on another player (for victory royale) where for some reason, doesn't even bother building.

I've seen Loeya sniper plays and she is definitely there with the top Fortnite snipers that I've seen in Fortnite Battle Royale. She is so versatile and switches weapons instantly to adapt to any situation she encounters.

She usually carries a variety of weapons different than the other to match her versatile gameplay in Fortnite BR.

The thing is with a sniper rifle is that it's the perfect weapon to end up mid-range and long-range engagements when behind cover. This is definitely better than engaging in a long and tiring build fight.

Usually, you don't get a chance to have someone stand on the roof like a moron and asking just to get sniped. That guy actually had an assault rifle and didn't even bother to take down the structure that she built.

At 23s you can see how Loeya aligned her sniper rifle position where the other guy is located. IN a split of a second she stands up, aligns the sight with that guy's head and before she releases a shot she quickly moves the sight a little above his head and released a deadly sniper shot that eliminated that guy for a beautiful "sweeties" victory royale.