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Amazing plays

Machine gun wins 1st match of Summer Skirmish

The first game of Summer Skirmish was intense and ended by Team Liquid played by 72hrs (Thomas Mulligan) and Chap (Adam Crawford). Many of the best streamers were eliminated and it became to the final moment at the first match of Fortnite SummerSkirmish.

Team Liquid was actually at a disadvantage with being on the ground, versus the last guy being on top of a structure up above them. Of course, things are different when you have a machine gun that melts buildings like they were made of paper. As you can see in this video, one of the players of Team Liquid takes out his machine gun and just shoot non-stop until the structure that the other player built is destroyed and the player falls down and get hit by the machine gun that never stopped shooting.

Just so you know that the machine gun isn't an accurate weapon, but when you are very close it doesn't matter because it sprays bullet like crazy. Obviously, the person in front of you gets really panicked of all those bullets, so you get the upper hand. It's especially useful when you have another player on your side helping you take the other guy who is just trying to avoid getting it and this what happened here and it worked really well for Team Liquid there.

Great ending of a great Summer Skirmish first match of Week 1.