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Amazing plays

EscA ambushes two 4AM players (PGI 2018)

In this clip from PGI 2018 TPP, we can see Esca from Gen.G Gold EscA securing two kills for his team by ambushing to players of 4AM in the outskirts. He eliminated both GuCun and CPT who weren't aware that a single person is ambushing them. By the way, Gen.G Gold won that PUBG Global Invitational 2018 tournament in the TPP category, with Team Liquid in the second place and Welcome to South Georgo in the third place.

That play was very intense. When you played in the third person perspective, even if you are lying on the grass. you can get a very clear view of your opponents because the camera is positioned above the player. This gave EscA from Gen.G GOLD an option to observe the two players of 4AM and wait for their move.

Now, 4AM took their time and wait for the last moment to move with the circle as it closes in. This was done to ensure that there is no risk as they glance at the open field in front of them.

They couldn't see that one of GOLD team was waiting for them to make their move. EscA needed to calculate his move because he needed to quickly take two players here, not just one. Every single kill in PGI 2018 tournament secured 15 points and your team gets more points the higher it is positioned in the ranking at the end of the round.

Once 4AM stand up and start moving inside from the outskirts, he stands and starts shooting the left one first, after making sure he is down, he moves very quickly to the second guy. It's all about accurate shots and trying to put as many headshots as possible for quick eliminations. He did it amazingly well. If he failed, the second guy would have spotted him and eliminate him as he was trying to take down the first guy, so superb play here by EscA in the PGI 2018 tournament in Berlin and congratulations for winning the tourney.