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Amazing plays

Navi quick 3vs3 win (PGI 2018 TPP)

Natus Vincere (Navi) amazing quick elimination of Oyun Hizmetleri (OHN) in a 3vs3 mid-range combat in Match 7 of PUBG Global Invitational (PGI) 2018 Day 2 (TPP). Navi didn't win at the end and lost to Gen.G Gold but gave an amazing match.

That play starts with OHM inside the house and Nabi surrounding them around the house in a 3vs3 standoff. The circle is about to close in. OHM's Colorist starts the attack by throwing a Molotov outside the window which lands very close to Navi. However, both squads have to move because being inside the circle means damage over time.

OHM was in a bad position as Natus Vincere team was waiting for them to come out of the house, and there was only one exist towards the path where the circle was moving. OHM couldn't maneuver away because the would have died from the circle damage.

The moment OHM's Colorist, POLLADERUC and thmMM get out, they get shot by Drainys, iLAme, and MOLODOY who are already ready for them. All of Navi team stand up and start shooting OHM who have no chance of winning that fight. Of course, OHM was eliminated completely from the match, their fourth member killed earlier.

This is a very tactical play that many teams do. They stay close to the outskirts of the circle and start wiping other teams who follow the same technique. when you do so, you need to be confident in your abilities to win those engagements, because your entire team can be wiped off. It's risky but a very rewarding strategic play in PUBG.

I really enjoy seeing those type of engagements in PUBG but that went so smooth for Navi and they just continued on to the next engagement without losing any member of their team. I wanted them to win that TPP Round 7 match because they played really good the entire match, but they didn't. Great play anyways.