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Amazing plays

Epic 1-vs-1 standoff ending (PGI 2018 TPP Day 2)

Amazing 1-vs-1 end gameplay at Rond 6 of TPP Day 2 of PUBG Global Invitational (PGI) 2018 tournament in Berlin, Germany. In that play 'Welcome to South Georgo' (WTSG), Larsen is the last man standing of his squad in a standoff against HonBoya from Made in Thailand (MiTH) team and he is the last remaining player of his squad.

He wants to get the maximum points for his team both for winning the match and for eliminating one player. A first-place awards 500 points and a player 15 points, so each player wants to achieve this for his team.

Larsen from STSG actually was against two players from MiTH, but was able to get one down using a grenade he threw earlier. However, in that standoff Larsen from WTSG won the 1-vs-1 last engagement against HoNBoya.

It was such an amazing play in PUBG. We usually see a few squad members fighting the last guy but this time it was 1-vs-1. Even cooler was because the circle was in a harvest field terrain and both players hide behind haystacks. At that moment both players just waited, no one wanted to peek being afraid of getting shot by the other player. However, the circle was closing in and at some point, they would have to move behind cover.

The circle closed on them very much about the same distance but at the end, there is always one winner in a Battle Royale game. GG.