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Amazing plays

PUBG most amazing defensive smoke play

This smoke grenade play was taken in PGI 2018 TPP Day 2 Round 6. This was such an amazing survival play. In this play, Team Liquid's ibiza, the last player of hits squad found himself in a very bad situation. He notices Miccoy of 'Ghost Gaming' (GHOST) and pops out the smoke grenade to hide. The funny thing is that just a matter near him Pr0phe of GHOST is near him and sees him, but he lost him in the smoke.

Liquid's Ibiza doesn't even know that a matter ahead of him stands Pr0phie nor Pr0phie knows that Ibiza is also there right next to him. That was such an incredible moment. Pr0phie tried to jump and locate him but couldn't. I have no idea why he didn't just shoot, maybe because he didn't want to reveal his location and get shot back.

Liquid's Ibiza throws another grenade because he knows he was spotted and he moves out of the area by throwing another grenade so he can get out of that place. It's amazing how a squad of 4 players from GHOST wasn't dedicated to eliminating him.

Pr0phie things that Ibiza tried to trick him, check the back and doesn't see him. AT that moment, Pr0phie leaves to the hill but WTSG's Larsen makes a noise with the motorcycle and catches his attention. Then with the help of his teammate Miccoy he comes back to locate him (he sees his smoke) and eliminate.

This was one of the most amazing defensive smoke play that I've seen in PUBG and you get to see many of them during a match. Of course, in the end, Liquid_ibiza didn't survive. You might think that it was better for him just to go in the house, but he was in the smoke as well, so he couldn't see where he was actually going, something to keep in mind. When you see it in a bird's eye perspective you don't understand why a player plays the way he played, but once you see the player's perspective, you can understand.

Players can jump in TPP to see a bit further what is out of the smoke, but when you do that, you actually reveal yourself to other players whom their focus is on the smoke. Great PUBG play in that Round 6 of TPP Day 2 of PGI 2018.

A few words about the "Smoke Grenade". It's very useful in mid-range combat to temporarily remove battlefield awareness. Pickup delay: 150ms, Ready delay: 1000 ms.