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Funny/WTF moments

PUBG "Car Royale", so many cars in the game

I was watching PUBG Global Invitational (PGI) 2018 Day 2 TPP. I was surprised to see how many players are using the cars in PUBG. It looks like Car Royale to be honest. When I view streamers I don't see them using cars that much.

In fact, cars in PUBG are very useful when the circle is still large and you have to travel long distances and afraid of being shot. Walking by foot a large distance means you are completely exposed. There are 20 teams in this tournament competing against each other. Being in the wide open can be devastating. You can find cover from time to time like behind a hut rock, tree or a building or use the elevation of a terrain to your advantage. However, you are still risking yourself.

There are many garages on the map and each of them has a car in it. The cars also make the game faster paste and reduce the walking simulator feeling that many Battle Royale games feel like.

Anyways, for me it was really funny to see it, but when the circle shrinks you no longer see cars and players only move by foot.