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Fortnite Compact SMG is OP, Nerf coming?

In Fortnite Battle Royale, a P90 Compact SMG weapon is all you need to make the other players' life miserable The new Compact SMG that introduced in the latest patch, no matter which rarity you've got, is just a beast. It cause players to just run for their lives when they hear that roaring endless bullet buzz.

Just look how sad this is, those players can't do anything, that just run like scared cockroaches that entered a Seals training battlefield by mistake.

I mean, poor souls, they just came to play Fortnite because they wanted to get a taste of the amazing Battle Royale experience and now they just get anxious. I'm sure many of those players have uninstalled Fortnite after being humiliated so badly with that Compact SMG. OK, the only wait you can do something about it, is to get a Compact SMG for your own and teach other people a lesson or two.

It seems that this game is all about the new Fortnite Compact SMG now, well, until it will get nerfed and I'm sure it will.

So what can be done about that so overpowered weapon? Well, I think Epic Games could just make its recoil much more unpredictable and higher, so it will be less effective in slightly longer range and lower the damage a notch.

See how dakotaz is destroying everyone with it, but it's not just dakotaz, every player that get his hands on the P90 is just shredding the other players to pieces. Just visit Reddit and you can see how many salty players are. The player a Fortnite game, get killed immediately by the P90 every time and go to Reddit to get their frustration out. Nothing is wrong with that, the only thing is wrong is that Compact SMG.

Even the professional players and the most popular Fortnite streamers who stream Fortnite every day like Ninja, TimTheTatman, and many others, all agree that the P90 is OP and should be nerfed asap.