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Amazing plays

Gen.G BLACK 2-vs-2 quick sneak attack (PGI 2018)

A fantastic sneak attack by two PUBG players from Gen.G BLACK, SexyPIG, and YoonRoot who make a quick sneak attack and eliminate the two remaining players of Welcome to South Georgo (WTSG) hiding behind the rock in PGI 2018 TPP Day 1 Round 3.

In PUBG G you need to take opportunities once they arise. BLACK did it beautifully with SexyPIG jumping on the rock and YoonRoot flanking them from below. Before they know what hit them they get eliminated. The guy at the top of the rock gets there attention first while the other one attack from behind.

In TPP you see a lot of players sneaking around because of the ability to see the location of others players when playing in third person perspective. So seeing moves like this is quite common, but still, a smart tactical move that was really cool to watch.

It looks like they should have picked more to asses the situation and be aware of the danger they were in. This was a great initiative and this is how you eliminate a team in Battle Royale where 20 teams competing against each other.

Usually, when a team found itself with fewer players alive in the squad (every team in PGI starts with 3 players), they have two options, be passive and not risk being confronted by a larger team. Second, be very active and try to be mobile and create elimination opportunities, which can reward them for more loot and get ready for engaging with a larger team.

It's also important to clear up a line in PUBG before entering an inner circle that is far from you on the opposite direction where the line is. The reason for that is that if you move towards the circle, you can get shot by a team at the back that moves after you towards the circle.

This Round 3 of PGI 2018 TTP was very intensive and at the end, two teams of 2 players thought against each other. It's also important to note that each kills rewards 15 points. Furthermore, you get more points for ranking higher in the last survival team. So, for example, the first team that wins gets 500 points, second 410, third 345 down to 5 points for the 19th place and no points for the 20th place. So it's important to do everything to survive as long as possible (a survival game after all) and get those kills when possible. This is why that move was so important for them, especially considering the fact that they knew they were there and the other team didn't.